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Every time

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i’ve got a bad case of the saturdays

I’ve got a bad case of the (being alone and oh wow where did my pants go you dude you) saturdays



currently just taking over the counter but i was using it for like 3 weeks and it was working perfectly! and then this week i barely took it because i was eating so healthy i didn’t feel heartburn at all. but then i ate shitty food twice in past 36 hours and it came back. i mean its manageable with what i take and i also eat almonds it helps a lot (weird eh)

Maybe go see a doctor (come back to Canada so it’s free) and get a script for Pantoprazole or Tecta… Tecta is Pantoprazole but with magnesium and made a little differently, but it’s great! I use pantoprazole when mine is really bad (aka when I drink way too much coffee and my ulcers act up) and you don’t have to keep wasting money on OTCs.

Trust me, I’m a semi-professional. It’s worth it if it’s debilitating, I’m so happy I know what helps.

Old God Help the Girl still in HQ

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The room redo continues (at IKEA Ottawa)

Spencer Reid: Tumblr post edition

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I’ll marry a person who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.

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little updates

  • back in my old old room! aka my original room. Matthew helped me haul all of my stuff down the hall, such a pain (sarcasm)
  • he’s still snoozing, obviously. I’m downing coffee for my chaotic day ahead
  • work has been awesome, the Pacman machine is working finally and keeping me busy
  • but my throat is super sore and I can see from looking in the mirror my glands are swollen so that’s not cool. If I’m not better at all by tomorrow I’m going to the clinic because…..
  • I START SCHOOL THIS WEEK! It’s only night school twice a week for a high school credit I need for my program next fall, but I’m excited!


  • Have to hang my photos up
  • Go get Des’ birthday gift made up downtown (even though she knows what it is, it’s still going to be a surprise)
  • Get a Presto Card while I’m downtown
  • IKEA - I hope (I really want a new duvet cover, and Ikea has the best candles)
  • Try to enjoy the 20 degree weather we’re getting today


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